Hosei Graduate School of Regional Policy Design

Program Outline

The curriculum of this graduate school focuses on 3 design groups: Public Policies Design, Urban Policies Culture Design, and Regional Industry Policies Design; and, these 3 design groups are made up of 9 programs. From comprehensive and specific viewpoints, we furnish education and research on new policy design and foster students’ skills for problems solving and policy design. Also we foster high level specialist professionals and researchers who can create new values and transmit information to the world. For this purpose, we carry out education and research in a trinity of the following, along with a program of actual practice in cooperation with municipalities (a sort of internship): “education of knowledge and skill indispensable for policy studies”, “fermentation of creative ideas in the relevant fields” and “sophistication of policy sense and fostering of skills to form and carry out practical policies”. Graduate School of Regional Policy Design aims at fostering “personnel who study and design innovative policies for realization of prosperous and sustainable regional society and provide leadership for the realization of the policies”. High level specialist professionals and researchers who can independently design policies are needed not only in universities and research institutes, but also in society at large. It is our desire to make a contribution not just to fostering public workers, officials, NPO staffers, employees of private enterprises, legislators, legislative secretaries, consultants, think-tank staffers, but also to supporting venture business or community business start-ups and to fostering managers of MSEs, which will carry regional industries.